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Online test match between France and Zimbabwe: FIFA '17

The Zimbabwean Mind Sports Union has been around for a year, and the fledgeling body is now determined to improve the standard of gaming in Zimbabwe by getting in some international matches.

Up to now Zimbabwe Mind Sports Union has concentrated on intense Home matches in order to prepare for the ultra-competitive international matches. Zimbabwe will face-off against France in Fifa '17 on 18 December 2016 at 14H00. There is a lot hanging on this game for the Zimbabwe Mind Sports union so the team better be prepared for some serious competition. Guinea Conakry's esports General Secretary, Camara Moussa Jimmy, shed some light on his opponent: "The opponent is our Fifa Champion named mamadou kolon working for a bank in Guinea he has been crowned twice in a row as a champion on FIFA15 and FIFA16. He will be the one to represent my country in any case of African cup!!!" There is no doubt that France has not left any stone unturned for this match as the two gamers face off agai…